Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Innsmouth Day 2: People and Places

Early morning arrived for our investigators, and learning that the Gilman House Hotel did not have a continental breakfast, they decided to head to the local cafe.

The second day of Innsmouth fun started off with a little bit of bloodshed as Braxton was hit in the face with a rock. Some of the kids were laughing and pointing at him as Braxton attempted to stop the bleeding and Burney and Seamus set off after the kids. Alas, they were much quicker than the two and ducked into an alleyway and disappeared.

Disappointed that none of the kids accidentally fell onto a bullet, they slunk off and had a nice breakfast. As they drove to the "lawyer's" office, Braxton noticed that the car had less gas than the night before. Innsmouth is not like the brochure had promised.

Seamus and Burney waited for Ralsa Marsh, law consultant, inside his office. Braxton hung out by the car, in case some slingshot-wielding kids happened by. As they all waited, Braxton noticed a man in a top hat hurry by and an older gentleman behind him, unleashing a furious litany of curses towards the man.

Inside, Seamus heard it all. He heard everything. Someone was cursing the name of "Ralsa Marsh" and telling him that he would burn like his forefathers before him.


The top-hatted man happened to be Ralsa Marsh, and with him present, they could get on with acquiring the paperwork and keys to Jeremy Crawford's home. He gave them directions to the home, mistakenly called it a "fixer-upper", and advised them to grab some groceries.


Outside, Braxton caught up with the older gentleman and introduced himself. The gentleman was Quentin Averill, and it was apparent that he had no love for the Marsh family, and did not fear them as the rest of the town did.


Stopping for gas, gas station attendant Bernard Slocum sullenly filled up their gas tanks. He asked if they were locals, and when proven not to be, he asked Braxton if he was a doctor. A question quite out of the blue.


At the First National Grocery store, Seamus and Burney went in and went shopping as Braxton kept up his vigil for the delinquents. The store manager, Brian Burnham, was a big fan of Die, Witch, Die and Burn, Space Mutant, Burn, two films in Burney's oeuvre. Burney got him to spill the beans about town. Brian told them to avoid New Church Green and to avoid the Marshes. People that annoy them tend to end up disappeared. Curiosity killed the cat and all.

With a loaf of bread autographed by stuntman supreme Burney Burns, the trio made their journey to the Crawford Estate.

The house was not a fixer-upper. The exterior was in exquisite condition. Inside, while a bit dusty, was in very good shape. They explored the ground floor until they found the pantry and kitchen and set Seamus to grab the groceries and store them. Upstairs there were many empty bedrooms. Braxton found Jeremy Crawford's journal hidden under the bed while Burney found a journal to Elizabeth Crawford, whom Burney assumed to be his great-grandmother.

A trip to the attic found a stuck door that was easily forced open, only to find themselves with the stink of fish, excrement, and rot. In an alcove they found torn pillows and smashed plates, on which were dried pieces of food. There was no telling how old the food was. As Burney looked around, he noticed multiple claws marks on the back of the attic door and around the west alcove.

With nothing to do for the rest of the day, the boys settled in to do some diary reading. Burney read Elizabeth's diary, much of which consisted of a teen girl's life as she grew up. It mentions marrying Jeremy Crawford and her happiness after the union. The last entry, dated 1846, talks about the arrest of Obed Marsh and how the town should return to normal.

Braxton read Jeremy's diary, which was much thicker than Elizabeth's. It starts off with a typical teenage boy's life. He later speaks of marrying Elizabeth, and also of the growing unrest in the town of Innsmouth. In 1846, his writing becomes erratic and despondent as he talks about Elizabeth's disappearance after Obed Marsh's arrest. 1847, he is forced by the Esoteric Order of Dagon to remarry. They soon have three children. His wife "returns home" and later entries talk about his sons' death. In the later years of his life, Jeremy hires a caretaker for the home. In 1925, shortly before his death, he complains about fierce chills that have wracked his body.

They compare notes, and realize that Elizabeth Crawford is not Burney's great grandmother. Who is?

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