Monday, January 17, 2011

Deputy Nathan Pritchert's Report

Date: January 15th, 2011
Time: 2230-2245
Location: A theater in Las Vegas

I attended a performance of the show "Panegyris" with my associates Gunnar Esperanda and Lorelei Shehasabirdnamednevermore. Partway through the show, the lights went up and the lead actor of the show came on stage and told everyone that the next act would need a volunteer from the audience. After a few moments, the victim, Jane Redshirt, was led on stage by a performer.

Ms. Redshirt was placed on an altar and her arms and legs were bound to it. The suspect, Mr. Donald Jackson, then stood beside the altar and from his costume pulled out a stone dagger and raised it above Ms. Redshirt.

At this time, I heard my associates whispering to each other, mentioning how the altar looked like a genuine Aztec sacrificial altar, and not a stage prop. Having a front row seat, I was afforded the opportunity to examine the stone dagger at a closer distance. The way the light glinting off of the dagger's edge told me that the dagger was authentic and my gut instinct told me that Ms. Redshirt was in danger.

I sprung from my seat and leapt onto the stage. I unholstered my firearm and leveled it at Mr. Jackson as I advanced towards the alter and the bound Ms. Redshirt. I ordered Mr. Jackson to drop the knife but he did nothing but mutter "How did they know? This wasn't supposed to happen." I grabbed Mr. Jackson's arm and forced him to drop the dagger, and my associates joined me on stage and began freeing the victim. As I struggled to place Mr. Jackson into handcuffs, a gun shot went off and hit another suspect that was attempting to escape out the backdoor. Unfortunately, my attention was on Mr. Jackson as I brought him to the ground and I am uncertain as to where the gunshot came from.

During this struggle, several other suspects had fled, but luckily a good Samaritan was able to overpower one and hold him until I was able to place him under arrest. My associates took the wounded suspect to hospital while I stayed behind to take control of the situation.

The two suspects in my custody were read their Miranda and were taken to the police station. Ms. Redshirt was shaken, but unhurt, from her ordeal. I attempted to reassure her that everything would be okay as I escorted her to an awaiting patrol car to take her home.

Back at the station, the suspects were booked and processed. Tonight was the show's fifth night, and searches are being done for reports of any missing persons. I suggested to the captain that a patrol unit be placed in front of Ms. Redshirt's home, to provide a sense of protection to her and as a deterrent to any accomplices.

Deputy Nathan Pritchert
January 16th, 2011

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