Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pritchert's Journal: Conversations with my mom

Nathan sat down on the couch, fidgeted a bit, and asked his mother, “Mom, is Dad home?”

“No, he’s working a late shift today. Why?”

An awkward silence pervaded as Nathan tried to find the words. “….what do you know about my father?”

“You’ve known Shane most of your life. Why are you-“

“Not Shane, Mom. My birth father.”

“Oh… Well, your father was a Japanese businessman, and he was in town for a week or two for some conference. So he called someone I knew, and this person arranged for me to spend time with him…”

Nathan’s eyes went wide with horror. “Wait…what…I…WHAT.”

Laughing, she says “You are so easy to tease, Nathan.”

“Mom, I’m serious. I…he visited while I was in the hospital.”

His mom’s eyes went wide in surprise. “Whoa…wait…huh..WHAT.”

Oh, I get that from her, Nate thought. “No, I’m serious, mom.”

“Oh…” his mother shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “Well, if you really want to know, I met him at a convention here in Vegas. There was a symposium on education across the world. His name was..well, if you met him, is Robert Mifune. He was a speaker there, and he spoke about connecting schools across the globe, bringing like-minded people together and creating a strong network. It was electrifying. I approached him after the seminar, and we talked for what seemed like hours. He had the most interesting ideas. I spent time with him over the next couple of days, tossing ideas back and forth, learning more about him, this and that. The last night, we had a few drinks, and then this led to that, and, well, here you are!”

“Was there anything else?”

“I think that’s it. I mean, he said some weird things, but I think that was the alcohol talking.”

“Was it about being a Japanese god?”

His mother’s jaw dropped. “I…I need a drink.”

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